Leon Keer


Leon Keer – Experience the mesmerizing world of Leon Keer, a visionary artist renowned as a global leader in the realm of anamorphic street art. Keer’s masterpieces have graced prominent locations across the globe, from Europe to the United States, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, and numerous Asian countries.

Each of Keer’s creations is a profound reflection of contemporary issues, shedding light on crucial topics such as environmental concerns and the state of our world’s livability. Keer’s keen eye captures the juxtaposition of playfulness and beauty against the backdrop of degradation, serving as a powerful metaphor for life itself.

His art is not merely a spectacle; it’s a thought-provoking journey that confronts viewers with the disquieting spirit of our times. His evocative paintings showcase the stark decay that counterbalances our timeless yearning for unspoiled beauty. Through his unique street art, Keer shares the joy of painting with the public, transforming streets into canvases that ignite the imagination.

While Keer’s anamorphic paintings may be temporary, their impact is everlasting, as they spread like wildfire across social media platforms, captivating hearts and minds worldwide.

Moreover, Keer’s artistic persona extends beyond Leon Keer; he’s also the creative force behind Ego Leonard, a project that has intrigued audiences since 2007. Ego Leonard, with its ever-smiling presence and the enigmatic message ‘No Real Than You Are’ adorning its shirt, provokes a paradoxical fascination. It raises profound questions about our identity and existence in a world increasingly dominated by virtual realities.

Ego Leonard’s global appearances, facilitated by friends worldwide, leave a lasting impression, evoking curiosity, surprise, and introspection. This iconic figure, inspired by a beloved toy, transcends cultural boundaries and reminds us that, regardless of our names or backgrounds, we are all equal. Ego Leonard’s wanderings in a world marked by discord and dissension inspire us to embrace freedom in solidarity, recognizing the beauty in our differences.

Marcel Salome About Leon Keer
In 2009, Leon Keer joined my Dreamscapes exhibition, and it was during this collaboration that I uncovered his role as the mastermind behind the enigmatic Ego Leonard. This art movement was relatively underground at the time, and it immediately captured my attention.

Keer’s Ego Leonard paintings, though initially exuding a cheerful vibe, possess a deeper layer, always conveying a thought-provoking social message. We embarked on a creative journey together, producing a multitude of limited editions over the years. It fills me with immense pride to witness Leon Keer’s ascent in the art world, culminating in his inclusion among the prestigious artists at Wynwood Walls in Miami.

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Leon Keer