Eddy Zoëy


Eddy Zoëy – It’s no exaggeration to say that Eddy Zoëy is a household name in the Netherlands and Belgium today, thanks to his diverse range of talents and his continuous presence in the media. He’s known for his rebellious image, frequent TV appearances, musical pursuits, and his contributions to the world of art.

Eddy Zoëy, born in 1967, graduated from the Art Academy (CHK, currently Artez) in 1991. Shortly after, he embarked on a career as a graphic designer at Bonaventura publishers, where he designed for renowned Dutch magazines such as OOR, Hitkrant, and Autovisie. In Eddy’s art, graphic elements take center stage, drawing inspiration from notable graphic designers like Neville Brody and David Carson, as well as pop art icons such as Keith Haring and Richard Hamilton. Elements of Jackson Pollock’s style also make occasional appearances in his work.

However, beneath the surface, Eddy Zoëy’s art delves into deeper themes, often more complex than initially meets the eye, as highlighted by Ann Demeester, a respected art critic, curator, and museum director, in her opening remarks at Eddy’s exhibitions.

Eddy Zoëy’s art carries a distinctive and unique signature, characterized by layers of thick paint that give his canvases a tactile, fabric-like quality. The play of height contrasts in his work often tempts spectators to reach out and touch his paintings. Eddy’s fearless use of color, unexpected textures, and profound depictions of depth contribute to the distinctiveness of his art.

His work has been exhibited not only in Amsterdam but also in major cities such as Vienna, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Marcel Salome about Eddy Zoëy
“Eddy Zoëy is a contemporary of my age group, and I grew up watching his TV programs. Even though I didn’t know him personally back then, it felt like we shared something in common. It was through the world of art that we came together, thanks to the introduction by Frank E Hollywood. It turned out that we shared a lot, not just in our appreciation of art but also in our passion for music and playing musical instruments. Many people recognize Eddy from his TV shows but often aren’t aware that he completed an academic education in art and has been creating art with a unique style from a young age. Personally, it’s a great honor for me to represent the art of such a warm and open individual as Eddy.”

Eddy Zoëy