Jules Holland


Jules Holland – , a third-generation Dutch artist, was born in 1984 into an art family, where creativity and expression were deeply ingrained in his upbringing. From an early age, Jules possessed a unique perspective on the art world, one that defied trends and conventions, paving the way for the creation of his distinctive style.

Jules’s art, which he affectionately dubs “POPS,” is an embodiment of his fearless spirit. It boldly challenges boundaries, making it clear that it is not for the faint of heart. However, for those who are willing to embark on a daring journey into the depths of the human experience, Jules extends a warm invitation to join him in the realm of artistic discovery.

Rooted in the traditions of pop art, Jules adds his own twist to this iconic genre, infusing it with the essence of his personal experiences and unique perspective on the world. His creations are not merely artworks; they are windows into his soul, each piece holding a piece of his passion and his story.

Jules Holland collaborates exclusively with the most esteemed galleries and collectors who share not only an appreciation for the exquisite craftsmanship of his art but also a deep understanding of the unwavering passion, drive, and innovation that he infuses into every creation.

What sets Jules apart is his relentless commitment to personal growth and artistic evolution. This drive propels him forward on an ever-unfolding artistic journey. With great anticipation, he looks ahead to the opportunity to unveil his vision to the world, eager to share his unique perspective and leave an indelible mark on the art landscape.

Marcel Salome about Jules Holland
Jules joined my company, Re-Art, with the intent to develop several new artistic concepts. His creativity and work immediately resonated with me. While Jules’ art may be thought-provoking for viewers, it consistently carries a meaningful message.

I had the privilege of showcasing and testing Jules’ work through my close friend Kent Wolfsen of Galerie Wolfsen in Aalborg during the PopEye exhibition held in June 2023. Through our collaboration and the exhibition, I had the opportunity to get to know Jules both as an individual and as an artist. This experience deepened our connection and marked the beginning of a promising partnership, as we embark on the journey of creating exceptional works of art together.

Jules Holland