[ Wilma, Chris & Marcel Salome ]

Welcome to the Source

Creating limited editions through their company Re-Art (www.re-art.com) for both established and talented emerging international artists and galleries was the driving force behind Marcel and Wilma Salome’s decision to launch in 2013 Salome Art Venture. Their aim is to exclusively sell limited artworks online and establish collaborations with galleries.

With over 25 years of experience in the international art world, including collaborations with artists, galleries, and participation in international art fairs, they are embarking on a new venture with a fresh approach.

The foundation of this new venture lies in producing artworks at an exceptionally high level of quality, working closely with both artists and galleries. Each artwork requires a unique approach to production. Together with our artists, we create one-of-a-kind pieces in limited editions. In addition to these exclusive limited editions, we also offer original paintings and sculptures.

Salome Art Venture also serves as an intermediary for artists who distinguish themselves through their unique and challenging art. These are artists who demonstrate great versatility and consistent quality in their work. Salome Art Venture boasts a diverse range of artists working in various art styles. Because we produce for our artists, you are always connected to the source. We cherish our personal relationships with ‘our’ artists and share their passion to create and present their artworks and editions in the best possible manner.

Our dedicated team ensures that all details are effectively managed, from artist representation to production and shipping. Salome Art Venture exclusively produces and sells art that retains its value over time and is poised to become even more valuable in the future.

Discover the Excellence of

Salome Art Venture's Service!

At Salome Art Venture, we aim to make the purchase of artwork not just a transaction, but an unforgettable experience that leaves you eager to return. Our dedicated team is ready to personally handle your purchase or inquiry, placing your satisfaction as our top priority. When you choose Salome Art Venture, you’re choosing a service that stands above the rest.

What sets our service apart?


Personal Attention

At Salome Art Venture, we believe in the power of personal connection. Our team ensures a seamless handling of your purchase, walking you through each step to exceed your expectations.


Collaboration with Artists

Our strong ties with our artists set us apart. We produce all their mixed media and limited editions in-house, not only ensuring quality but also direct involvement in the shipping of their artworks. At Salome Art Venture, you’re directly connected to the source of creativity!


Careful Packaging

Each artwork is meticulously packaged, providing the guarantee that your investment will arrive safely and intact. Large and original artworks are shipped in special transport crates as a standard for maximum protection.


Comprehensive Insurance

Your peace of mind is our priority. All artworks we ship are fully insured during transportation. You can rest easy knowing that we cover any potential damage or loss.


Efficient Shipping

At Salome Art Venture, we strive for the best shipping experience. We rely on reputable services like FedEx for standard shipments and specialized cargo shipping companies for large and valuable artworks. This not only ensures the lowest shipping costs but also careful handling of all paperwork, guaranteeing your artwork arrives safely and on time.

Choose the art experience that goes beyond expectations—choose Salome Art Venture!