Frank E Hollywood


Frank E Hollywood – a renowned Dutch artist known for his controversial art frequently featured in Dutch media. He studied at the St. Joost School of Fine Art & Design in Breda, which is reflected in his works, incorporating design elements. The photorealistic oil paintings of Frank Hollywood portray famous Dutch women, like Shelly Sterk, Carolien Spoor, and Elize Horst, juxtaposing their images with modern luxury items such as Hermes and Chanel bags or Louis Vuitton scarves.

Art of Frank Hollywood

These Frank E Hollywood paintings serve as a satirical commentary on consumerist society, questioning our attachment to designer goods for self-branding in public. Simultaneously, the women wear 16th-century clerical collars, creating a contrast between modern sensuality and historical modesty. Frank Hollywood prompts viewers to consider what makes something sexual or non-sexual, challenging our perceptions.

Historical imagery in a modern context

This tension between sensuality and the portrayal of women, both past and present, is a recurring theme in the paintings of Frank E Hollywood. He reimagines historical imagery in a modern context, fostering discussion and reflection. The paintings of Frank E Hollywood combine nostalgia with contemporary elements, emphasizing the contrast between the prudishness of the 16th century and today’s nudity and consumerism. Additionally, he incorporates pop culture themes and collaborates with designer brands, including Bjørn Borg, Spotify, Heineken, and Samsung.

Discover and own a piece

For those looking to own a piece of this profound artistic dialogue, the art of Frank Hollywood is available for purchase through the Salome Art Venture webshop. Additionally, for those intrigued by the intricacies of Mega Realism, our webshop also offers the remarkable works of Tjalf Sparnaay, inviting a further exploration into the realm of hyperrealistic art.

Marcel Salome about Frank E Hollywood
I first encountered Frank’s pop art pieces at various galleries in Amsterdam. However, when we met, he unveiled a strikingly different painting style, blending elements of realism reminiscent of the old Dutch masters with a touch of pop art sensibility. Impressed by this unique fusion, I shared it with my close friend, Kent Wolfsen of Galerie Wolfsen in Denmark, who shared my enthusiasm.

Since then, our collaboration with Frank has grown, and we now handle the production of all his limited editions worldwide In a special collaboration for 25 LMTD, Frank generously allowed us to create a small, collectible print of “Butterfly Kisses.”

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Frank E Hollywood