Leon Keer
Leon Keer can be seen as the world leading artist in the anamorphic street art. His street art is exposed in Europe, The United States, Mexico, The United Arabic Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia and several Asian countries. There is always a message in his work an current issues are reviewed, such as environmental concerns and the livability of this world. Leon Keer is constantly aware of the playfulness and beauty versus the degradation around him, a contrast that he expresses and amplifies in his work and which he uses as a metaphor for life.

His paintings reflect his thoughts, confronting the viewer with the diseased spirit of our times, visible decay counter-pointing a timeless longing for unspoiled beauty. His ability of performing as a street painter, lets him share the joy of painting with the public. The anamorphic paintings are temporary but the images are shared via social media all over the world.

Leon Keer is also the artist behind Ego Leonard which was long time his pseudonym. What is the motivation behind the Ego Leonard works? “People have a need to develop their own identity. We are drawn to virtual worlds because these allow us to experiment with different identities. You can be someone else. But are the friends you make in those worlds real and don’t you actually lose your identity there? Isn’t it better to admire all the beautiful things in the real world instead of trying to realize a perfect world in a virtual world?”

Marcel Salome about Leon Keer
Leon Keer participated in my Dreamscapes exhibition in 2009 and I discovered that he was the artist behind Ego Leonard which was a underground thing in the art. I was immediately caught by is Ego Leonard paintings which at firts glance look cheerful but always have a social message that makes you think. Together we produce all his limited editions for many years and I was so proud of him when he became one of the artists of the Wynwood Walls in Miami. This is your chance to buy a Leon Keer at an affordable price before it becomes priceless.