HD Finish Ex25mm and Ex50mm

HD Finish

This special print is made using a special technique called HDFinish. HD Finish™ represents a premium Fine Art sublimation product crafted on aluminum, setting a new standard in the industry. This high-end offering is the outcome of a revolutionary process that surpasses traditional forms like C-prints, Plexiglas variants, epoxy, and prints on dibond. HD Finish™ not only ensures vivid and intense colors but also provides a long-life guarantee on color durability.

At its core, HD Finish™ utilizes an aluminum panel as its foundation. Through a sophisticated heating technique known as sublimation, waterproof inks are meticulously applied and absorbed into the top layer. The culmination of this precise process results in an unparalleled and vividly intense final product, setting HD Finish™ apart as a superior choice for fine art editions.

The artwork is equipped with a black, high-quality aluminum exhibit frame that adds an extra dimension to the artwork. The small version features a 25mm exhibit frame, while the medium and large sizes come with a 50mm exhibit frame.

Each print is carefully examined, signed, and numbered by the artist, accompanied by an embossed stamp. It includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity by the artist, ensuring that no additional copies are produced, as explicitly stated on the certificate. The Certificate of Authenticity also serves as a lifelong quality guarantee.