Tjalf Sparnaay

In his art, painter Tjalf Sparnaay lets us look at ordinary things in a new way. In his oil paintings he takes objects out of their daily context and places them in a classical artistic composition. Tjalf Sparnaay says: “It is my intention to give trivial and mundane items a soul and a renewed presence. My paintings are meant to let the viewer experience reality anew. To rediscover the essence and the beauty of objects that have become so common. I call it: “the beauty of the ordinary””.

Tjalf Sparnaay paints in the rich 17th century tradition of the Dutch masters. A lot of care goes into the preparation of his canvases and choice of oils and pigments. His careful, traditional painting technique reinforces the timelessness of his subjects and artworks.

Tjalf Sparnaay is one of the leading artists in the style of Mega Realism, part of the contemporary global art movement of Hyper Realism. Where photography ends, Tjalf Sparnaay’s art begins. His paintings are sold worldwide by various leading art galleries. The limited-edition giclee prints as offered by Salome Art Venture have been created with Sparnaay so that his art can exist more broadly and be enjoyed by a bigger audience.